What is Organic?

There are a lot of different meanings to the term organic provided by various authors. However, it’s just naturally grown Fruits & Vegetables and all other eatables. Essentially, the agricultural produce is processed without using any sort of synthetic ingredients. As a result of this mechanism, we all can demarcate the term organic from other inorganic foods and eatables.

Universal Principle

The human body is the most sophisticated chemical factory in the universe without a doubt. Whatever you eat, it becomes you. Whatever you drink, it becomes you. Even if you eat dog food, you won’t become a dog. That’s why no mango tree produces apples or bananas. Wired right? Yes, it is but unfortunately, that’s the very truth. Fundamentally, the soil, water, and air are the source ingredients of any natural food. All humans eat these foods and accumulate the physical structure from infant to a grown man until we become dust and add to the soil again.

“Do you ever think that we all are fundamentally come from the soil and finally become soil again?” Isn’t it remarkable? So as humans, all the creatures in the universe are incorporated with this universal truth knowingly or unknowingly. The same universal principle is applicable to everything around us which is understood and felt by very few people. When the majority understand this principle, the whole world would be a clean place.

How Come Everything Remains Unchanged?

The base of unchanged structure and behaviour is controlled and managed by the gene or the source of every physical thing excluding man-made stuff. So it is clear that the gene keeps its integrity while accumulating the existing experience to the source for future generations which we called evolution. There may be very different views for this argument and this is just how I understand the things around me at this point in time.
If we closely examine this setup, it is evident that the natural structures are very much compatible with each other rather than man-made stuff. Without manmade stuff, the universe and the earth evolve for millions of years without any issue. The natural balance of nature was there until the industrial revolution. Thereafter the worse human intervention has been taken place till to date pealing Mother Nature as we wish without considering the universal principles and balance.

Why We Are So Weak Than Other Creatures

The main point is that our chemical structure is not compatible with what we eat and drink even though it does not change us physically. As a result of inappropriate food patterns, we became weak and our young generation becomes weaker than us genetically. To have a clear understanding, just compare a wild animal and a human say a tiger or a bird. They are far better than us. They don’t take medicine as we do. They just live with nature and nature takes care of them. It’s so simple and straightforward but difficult to grasp the principles behind it.

What Made Us Weak?

The things we eat, drink, and breathe make us stronger or weaker species. Those are the main ingredients for survival. If we eat natural food, drink fresh water, and breathe fresh air, then we become strong as we are meant to be as per nature. However, with the current context, our societies and cultural development, and other various factors, we happened to use what is available for us to consume. Most of the time what is available for us to consume may not be compatible with our molecular structure. This may result in changing the fundamental nature of the human body or the most sophisticated chemical factory of the universe even though it tries its best to keep the natural structure. However, this may cause various issues for the chemical factory (human body) since it cannot be kept its integrity. Hence, mankind becomes victims to various inbuilt decease such as blood pressure, cholesterol, asthma, etc. and it goes on and on until the next generation child born with the congenital illness. Is this the development we all have been searching for all these years?

Why We Need To Consume Organic /Natural Eatables

To keep our chemical factory cool and efficient, we need to eat natural food as much as possible. Then our health may not be an issue. However, to overcome this matter i.e. what is available for us has to be natural and the big corporates who have to produce mass-scale production need to follow this principle in order to help mankind. As individuals, we cannot do much as we are individually insignificant. But if all of us demand organic food then it has to be catered to fill the demand in the prevailing market which is also very difficult. However, I believe people must be understood the basics rather than going around the surface which can be seen and experience. We need to support the one who needs to understand the natural structure. After all, we must understand that we all will leave the earth one day for sure leaving nature to hold and care for our future generation. So it’s our responsibility to follow the good practices which are compatible with nature if not our kids may suffer the mess we’ve created.

Our Duty

As a team of individuals, we produce natural and organic products and we promote them organically as we know our products are natural. We don’t have money for marketing to sell our product aggressively. We believe nature is there to rule the world and we have to do our duty as responsible citizens to make the world a better place for our kids. I expect all of the readers of this post will spread this message around the globe and which will help a lot of people to understand the nature and importance of natural food.


Many people have asked me to expand on this issue after reading this post. The food culture of my nation, Sri Lanka, was thus the subject of a new piece titled “Beyond Organic | Traditional Food Culture of Sri Lanka”. Sri Lankans have a simple view of eating as a culture, and they practice and believe it as a routine. However, despite our forefathers’ knowledge of science, many people today do not. When I reflected on why I wrote “What is Organic Food,” I realized that it wasn’t by chance that I was eager to share my thoughts on our food culture with the world. I kindly ask my valued readers to take a look at my most recent article, which discusses the traditional food culture of Sri Lanka. The amazing Sri Lankan Traditional Foods can also be enjoyed by visitors to our nation.

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