USDA Certified Organic Hemp Gummies by Cornbread Hemp

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Item Form: Gummy
Product Benefits: Stress Relief
Flavor: Natural berry
Material Feature: Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Vegan
Unit Count: 1.00 Count

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  • Cornbread Hempā€™s USDA Certified organic hemp gummies are vegan, gluten-free, certified organic, and made with a simple recipe that includes organic blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.
  • Our vegan organic hemp gummies are the perfect combination of non-GMO, all-natural ingredients that can help bring relaxation, calm, and comfort.
  • USDA Certified organic hemp gummy If you’re looking for the highest quality organic hemp gummy, your search is over!
  • We believe that the best hemp gummies start with the highest quality, organic hemp grown by the best hemp farmers here in Kentucky.
  • We are so confident in the quality of our USDA Organic hemp wellness products that we offer a 30-day guarantee.

16 reviews for USDA Certified Organic Hemp Gummies by Cornbread Hemp

  1. jennifer welch

    Thank you Cornbred Hemp

    Wow!!! These gummies sure do the trick. They help with my chronic pain and anxiety so much. All other CBD products I’ve tried have either tasted like total garbage or did not work. These taste delicious and work exceptionally well!!! Thank you Cornbred Hemp for changing my every day life for the better and more productive

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  2. sean

    Migraine symptom relief

    I got these as a friend recommended wide spectrum CBD for migraine relief. They have helped more than I would have believed. I am using them in conjunction with a good exercise regimen and intentional sleep habits and I have gone from weekly migraine symptoms to no symptoms for almost a month now.Update:. I am a few months in with these now and still no migraine symptoms. Still employing good sleep habits and exercising. If you struggle with migraines I’d certainly recommend giving it a try. Take these, work on your sleep, cut your caffeine intake, work out, walk, run. I am really happy to not have migraine symptoms multiple times a week.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Good quality

    Love these for sleep. The only issue is I am groggy till noon. So I cut the gummies in half.

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  4. K. Wiese

    Helps you relax and relieves pain

    Definitely helps relieve pain and to relax

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  5. Ms. Sally Sue 2

    Works well

    These work well and for the price it should!! My only complaint is that the taste is not good and for a gummy they are mushy. But they do the job and I am thankful for that so that is why I give it 5stars

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  6. Fran L.

    Got to help with blood pressure

    Taste fineTake in morning with hope it will help with blood pressure. Cannot say it has helped in that area but it may offer other benefits I am not aware of now

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  7. Andrea Jolly

    Best in the Biz!! 10/10

    Life has been a bit stressful lately so I bought this product to help me sleep/relax at night, and they work SO well! They also taste delicious. Iā€™ve tried a few other brands and nothing has seemed to help until now. I also saw other comments about delivery issues, but I had no problem at all. They shipped and delivered a lot quicker than expected. Highly recommend!

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  8. Kim Brandon

    Not a miracle but good.

    I’m sleeping so much better taking one gummy at night. Also, I enjoy the somewhat ritual of taking it right before I turn in and I look forward to it. The taste is amazing. Reminds me of country jam. I understand the purpose of the cane sugar, but I gotta say, after brushing the teeth and going to sleep, even a little sugar is off putting. I do have a bad back and don’t notice significant pain relief, but it doesn’t keep me from falling asleep. Also I notice a bit of a tone down of my daily anxiety level. It’s still there, but a little better. I’m around two weeks in with this product, but so far, so good. I will purchase again!

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  9. Anne Aromando

    Does not work

    Does not work

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  10. Jacob


    I LOVE these gummies. I have tried other CBD brands and none of them seemed to help or have much of an effect at all. But these gummies seemed to do the trick for me. I’ve never been so relaxed and with such a busy schedule it has definitely helped me control my stress and be more productive. 10/10 would recommend and I will be purchasing again.

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  11. Rick

    These taste pretty good

    I assumed the taste would be nasty, but they were kind of nice little treat.

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  12. B. Clarke

    Great product!

    They work. Relax, pain relief. Tastes great. Healthy.

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  13. john l perkins

    Love um

    These are great! Helps me relax and no side effects.

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  14. Delphina DeSantis

    Nice mellow taste!


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  15. Bill Landrex Outlaw

    Great gummies.

    They might not taste great, but they’re effective. Great for arthritis and peripheral neuropathy.

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  16. Katelyn Vlietstra

    Yummy and helps with insomnia

    Would buy again

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