HERSHEY’S Organic Milk Chocolate Candy

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Item Form: Bar
Flavor: Chocolate
Unit Count: 18.6 Ounce
Size: 12 Count (Pack of 1)

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  • Contains one (1) 12-count pack of 1.55-ounce organic HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bars
  • Organic chocolate with an unforgettable taste that’s a perfect lunchbox treat and on-the-go snack
  • Organic milk chocolate bars are individually wrapped for lasting freshness and convenience
  • Bring HERSHEY’S organic chocolate bars with you to your next birthday party, graduation celebration, retirement sendoff, or anniversary date for a delicious snack deserving of the occasion
  • Creamy, delectable HERSHEY’S bars made with organic ingredients that come together for the perfect sweet taste

9 reviews for HERSHEY’S Organic Milk Chocolate Candy

  1. Teresa Long

    I love these chocolate bars. They are wholesome, no harmful ingredients, and taste great. I found last year that I have a soy intolerance. Taking soy out of my diet was very tricky, as many companies have added it to all sorts of processed foods. Chocolate is very hard to find without soy. These bars are soy free, better for me than other chocolate, and I love the way they taste!

  2. shane conley

    They taste better than there original line but dont eat them chilled they taste better room temp because they are missing the junk that we have grown accustomed too. Having said that i only bought them because i developed a bad allergy to soy and for those of us with this allergy we get stuck paying these prices because company’s choose to put fillers in there products sadly. They really should lower the price about 5 dollars to be fair to us with allergies so we can enjoy our lives with a bit of ease….

  3. NwolfZ

    I got this because Soy Bean Oil gives me terrible headaches and almost every food on the market has soybean oil on it, I havent really enjoyed chocolate for a long time.The Chocolate bars were great, just wish they were thicker and bigger bars, they arent small, but they arent big enough to binge on like a degenerate (which is probably a good thing)

  4. Amazon Customer

    I am biased because I like Hershey’s chocolate products and have been eating them for decades. This is a new one, at least I have never seen it before. I was waiting in anticipation, and it did not disappoint. It is a great tasting bar that is also certified organic. Hershey’s chocolates tend to be sweeter than many other milk chocolates, but this one would be on par with the average milk chocolate in sweetness.

  5. AKS

    It’s very difficult to find chocolate without soy and vanilla. This product has neither. It tastes so good and it’s organic.

  6. Cerra Gfell

    Used these for organic cookies! So good!!

  7. C. sterling

    Taste great, organic.

  8. Super1Gator

    This is by far the best chocolate I have ever had!

  9. Andrew van Leeuwen

    So I bought these organic Hershey bars because I have to avoid dairy with hormones in it for health reasons. Do they taste like a normal Hershey bar? No, they lack a certain creamy smoothness that normal Hershey bars have. Thats probably due to a smaller and healthier ingredient list. They still do taste pretty good though and satisfy that chocolate craving if you have dietary restrictions like I do.

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