Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Variety Pack

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Brand: Green & Black
Number of Packs: 08
Weight: 3.17 oz
Special Features: Climate Pledge Friendly

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85% Dark Chocolate
70% Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate with Almonds & White Chocolate
Easter Chocolate Gift

70 reviews for Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Variety Pack

  1. Peach12335

    Sweet tasting dark chocolate.

    I tried this product to help with arthritis. It taste good and has the edge I wanted, and has helped with the arthritis.

  2. Sarah A.

    If you like dark chocolate, this is the best

    Rich and smooth flavor, great for chocaholics!

  3. PAE.


    Flavor is nice and smooth. Not too sweet/Just right .

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  4. Pamela

    Very Good!

    I didn’t realize that they weren’t full size so I tucked 3 of them into my gift bags and my friends were very happy with the smaller size! Loved getting so many for the price as I cannot get them except on Amazon!

  5. Chris D

    If You Like Dark, Dark Chocolate, This is the One for You

    The more cacao, the healthier. This one is a good choice. It is somewhat bitter but still has plenty of flavor. I like to alternate between the higher cacao and one in the 70% range. Great for your health, taken about an ounce a day. Works for me!

  6. Miles Morrison

    The best dark chocolate there is!

    I’ve tried almost all the dark chocolate bars out there and these are the best! I buy twenty bars at a time.

  7. Kristene16

    Very pleased

    Product exceeded my expectations. First time for this brand of chocolate.Tastes great!Special care was taken in packaging due to warm weather.

  8. Frugal Amazonian!

    Love the taste!!!

    I was looking for 85% dark chocolate, Organic, fair-trade, CACAO (and not cocoa).. Landed on this one, and subscribed it. It is hard to stock it during Summer.. They stopped sending this during summer, due to hot temperature. It arrived melted one time, but Amazon sent a pack again. This is beginning of Fall, yet again, my this month quota didn’t reach me. I am so disappointed. Yet, I give 5 stars for all aspects, because this is one of the best dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I eat it to increase my Magnesium intakem and for the healthy flavonoids. So Yummy and healthy!! I’d love to know the caffeine content, because I get Arrhythmia, if I eat about an ounce. I am going to double my stock so that I can have it in Summers too 😀

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  9. JadeGreen


    Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate lives up to its name. So good for me. All those healthy nutrients within dark chocolate. At 70% cacao, I’m very pleased with this dark chocolate. Must be someone who loves taste of very strong dark chocolate though. This dark chocolate is wonderful. Thank you.UPDATE: Price on 6/5/2021 was: $28.29 and now 9/28/21 price a couple or so months later is: $39.30 for same product. Quite a jump in price, don’t ya think? Yup. I sho do. What’s up with that??UPDATE: Lakehouse Foods just sold me 10 Bars of 3.17 oz. each of Green & Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate Bars for $39.30. I purchased 2 boxes and their total = $83.32. Lakehouse Foods’ mark-up on Green & Black’s is beyond words INSANE!! Unless obtains a seller who competitively sells this product, and lowers the price WAY DOWN! I WILL NEVER EVER PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT FROM AMAZON.COM PRIME AGAIN!! Shame on all involved, including me for paying this highway-robbery price from Lakehouse Foods. Thank you.

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  10. Dochou

    My favorite chocolate

    I love it so much, I have a monthly subscription 😀

  11. Olympian

    Excellent chocolate

    Excellent chocolate at a reasonable price.

  12. Lou

    Best dark chocolate out there.

    I have been eating this 85% dark chocolate from Green & Blacks for years and love it but lately hard to get at the box stores so I thought I would try online and bought a box of 10 bars from this seller and am very impressed with the care taken to package this box with ice packs to keep cool so it would not melt in the heat. Just a fantastic job! Thank you!

  13. Kristi L. Hamilton

    My favorite chocolate.

    Dark, rich, creamy. Pair a few squares with a little glass of port for the perfect dessert

  14. BrSh

    Quality & taste

    Excellent product.

  15. DanniCats

    Healthy… yummy!

    Really like this organic dark chocolate bar. I’m a chocolate lover but was looking for something with more health benefits than your average candy bar. Ooohhhh… so tasty. I was concerned it may not be sweet enough and too bitter but was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the taste was. Now, it is very different tasting than your usual sugar filled chocolate bar, so for some, it may take a little getting used to the difference. The boxed bars came shipped in a bag. It seemed unusual as I thought the bars may be broken but this is my second order of these and they have all arrived perfectly. The box itself is thick and gives good protection and I like how it stores the bars like they are on display. Great bar, great purchase!

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  16. RichD

    Best dark chocolate I’ve tasted

    Good quality dark chocolate with great flavor.

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  17. Patricia

    Best dark chocolate

    Of all the dark chocolate on the market this has the best flavor addicted to it

  18. Brandy C.

    Tastes good, no aftertaste

    Let me start by saying that I used to be obsessed with milk chocolate candies. I would keep a giant bowl of butterfingers, snickers, etc. and grab them throughout the day. Switching to dark chocolate in the past has been difficult for me because I’ve always found it to be too bitter. Well when I started having health issues I went on a diet (doctor’s orders) and most of that candy wasn’t allowed so I tried some dark chocolate that was made with Stevia. YUCK. I don’t know if it was the Stevia, but it had an awful aftertaste. I kept eating it because I didn’t have many choices to get my chocolate fix.Fast forward a few months and my doctor put me on a different, sugar-free diet for 30 days. I couldn’t have any chocolate or sugar (unless from natural sources) at all. Coming off of that I bought some of these to try. They have added sugar, but hopefully the health benefits of dark chocolate balances it out. I don’t feel bad about eating this every day or every other day. It doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste like the Stevia ones I tried, doesn’t taste as bitter as the Hershey’s dark chocolate and it melts in your mouth.I tried eating a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar the other day and it was way too sweet for me, which is really odd for me because I used to be able to drink sweet teas ALL day. So if you’re looking for a good dark chocolate to try, try this one. If you’re new to dark chocolate it will be an adjustment, but power through it and these will be enjoyable.

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  19. Doug S

    Best Dark Chocolate Ever!

    These Green & Black’s 85% cocoa bars are the best tasting dark chocolate we have ever tried – we love it! After we tried for the first time, we quickly ordered for our extended family for Christmas gifts and they all loved it as well – fantastic taste and for a very reasonable price in the 10-pack.

  20. Dennis K.

    The 85% is slightly bitter, but that is the healthy part.

    The 85% is slightly bitter, but that is the healthy part. Buy because of the health benefits. As always eat for health, and then enjoy your health. I bought a box of ten. Great buy.

  21. Cranky Buzzard

    Rich and flavorful

    Delicious. I actually got it for medicinal purposes. Glad I did!

  22. Amazon Customer


    Best Chocolate

  23. Chip Webster

    Great dark chocolate

    Green & Blacks organic 85% dark chocolate is a good choice to satisfy our taste for occasional chocolate treats. It has a high percent of chocolate, but still tastes good.We like dark chocolate. We read that dark chocolate can actually be a healthy snack; consumed in small quantities, of course. It is a good source of anti oxidants among other purported health benefits. The quality of the chocolate and the percent of dark chocolate are important. Finding a good quality chocolate with a high percent of dark chocolate that also tastes good is difficult. Green & Blacks 85% also has lower sugar than most other chocolates.

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  24. Dogan C.

    package has good balance among different flavors.

    package has good balance among different flavors.

  25. Jan

    One of our favorites

    Supply issues being what they are right now, we’ve had a hard time finding this locally. Yes, our local Kroger sells it for as low as $2.98 a bar on sale, but they’ve been out for the past two months, and now they’re running low on all their other 70%+ straight chocolate (no other added things like berries, etc.). We’ve found this to be excellent eating chocolate and like to keep a supply on hand, so I was happy to find it on Amazon even if it was 50 cents more a bar. Watch out when people complain about the price. This is not inexpensive chocolate, but, then again, you get what you pay for. The chocolate that arrived was packed in the same product carton that is shipped to stores. It was fresh and unbroken – I’m very happy. I’m hoping it will be back in stock at my local store soon since this is not an item I want to be ordering once warm temperatures hit.

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  26. mikei77

    Better taste than most other dark chocolates

    Better than most of the dark chocolates that I have tried, dark, rich, with some sweetness, where as most other brands more bitter than sweet.

  27. catmom

    The best 70% chocolate!

    Been buying this for quite a while. Much much less expensive than at the grocery store. Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you. I hope that’s true because I must have some chocolate every day!I like Lindt and this brand, but I prefer this brand simply because of the shape. I eat 1/2 bar per day; easy to portion it out that way with the Green & Black’s, but I tend to eat the whole bar of Lindt because the squares are thinner and larger.The chocolate is smooth and tastes just right. I love these!!

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  28. Richard W

    Proper Review

    The previous review I submitted was positive and met Amazon’s guidelines and but was still rejected. Since the review was within Amazon guidelines and it was rejected, going forward I will no longer squander my time reviewing any purchases from Amazon.

  29. Margaret Wyvill


    Like everything.

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  30. Cat Saver

    Great Service: Even Shipped With Ice Packs

    Really pleased that I found Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate on Amazon. It’s as tasty and delicious as the more expensive chocolate bar that is on every store shelf in the candy aisle! Really appreciate that my order was shipped with ice packs, which were thawed by the time my chocolate bars left the east coast, and arrived on the west coast. (Due to a weather-related delay). But if I had to travel this same distance in the summer heat, I’d definitely be thawed, too! At least the ice packs kept the candy cold for part of the trip. Happy I have a convenient source when it’s time to reorder.

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  31. None

    Best dark chocolate I have ever tasted!

    I am hooked on the taste – always have them (every night I have one serving). When I can’t find these I have tried other really good brands but they do not measure up to the point that I can’t eat them. I stocked up during this corona time and and happy I did as the price sky rocketed which is too bad. I had a supply that lasted through. I do hope the price goes back down on Amazon. Keep up the good taste!!

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  32. freddy g.

    Snacking with lowko !

    I like to snack when I watch my favorite gaming streamers on the computer . This is better than the junk I usually eat . That is always good because gamers sit too much which is unhealthy . Snacking on crap isn’t a good idea .

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  33. Miles Cowan

    Excellent Chocolate; Excellent Shipping

    As many of the existing reviews note, this chocolate is outstanding; I’ve been eating it for years, occasionally trying another brand, and always come back to G&B. But I am leaving a review mostly for the excellent shipping on my most recent order, which included cold packs in a foil-lined box. A nice touch to ensure that the heat doesn’t ruin the chocolate (which has unfortunately happened in the past).

  34. P. Vaughn

    Nice variety of chocolate bars

    This was a great way to try each selection of Chocolate. High end but too expensive for my budget.

  35. Cori Webb

    Love this brand

    Very good dark chocolate!! Addictive!

  36. Amazon Customer

    It’s the best

    It tastes better than any other chocolate bar I have had. And it’s real chocolate, and organic healthy ingredients.

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  37. MilkaL


    Green & Black’s Organic Cacao Dark Chocolate is my favorite dark chocolate. I alternate between 70% and 85%. I mostly order it on Amazon Fresh as it is not easy to find it in many local stores. I noticed that the quality of the chocolate on amazon fresh is not always the best, roughly 45% of my orders included stale product, plus the availability of the 85% is not as good. I was worried the batch I ordered here could have the same problems, however this was not the case. I was so happy to see that all 10 bars were very fresh, creamy and of wonderful quality, this was very important to me as i was giving the chocolates as a gift to my friends. Would order again, once the product becomes available.

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  38. Suzanne Phillips

    Silky Smooth

    Tried these chocolate bars for prizes this summer and received many requests for where to find them. They are dark and rich and melt smoothly with that little dark chocolate bite. Excellent choice. NOTE: they are not full-size bars.

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  39. kitty

    Best chocolate

    They are probably the best taste dark organic chocolate around. Last delivery was great, I would say a little over packaged. They put cold packs into the box to ensure chocolate don’t melt. Very high quality on both the chocolate and the delivery

  40. Scottie

    Fresh chocolate, quality flavor!

    I ordered this 70% cacao several weeks ago, knowing it would take time to arrive. That was disclosed in the description.I was looking for a comparable yet affordable replacement for that French chocolate that begins with “V” to use in baking.This arrived in great condition. This bars are very fresh with no melting or bloom. The expiration date is a year out.The flavor is excellent, full-flavored and complex, with that bit of bitterness that comes with the higher cacao bars. The chocolate is smooth and rich, with no waxy or gritty texture.This is a very good replacement and I couldn’t tell the difference tasting the V bar from this bar.

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  41. Lynne Hammans

    Went above and beyond

    Chocolate delivered on an 80 degree day could spell disaster BUT THIS SELLER WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND by packing it with cold packs so I did not have a chocolate puddle. This is my go to seller for my chocolate from now on. Thank you for taking care to deliver your product in the best way possible

  42. Gail Kathryn

    By far Best Chocolate U Will ever taste. Missing 1 box- credited…

    Excellent taste, fresh, healthy. My favorite chocolate. Only problem is I ordered 2 boxes, 1 dark+ 1 white (10 bars ea.) + was missing the box of white chocolate 🙁 Amazon issued a credit + I recently re-ordered for replacement. Also gel cold packs leaking so inside of box a slimy mess- Didn’t hurt the chocolate, individually wrapped +also in a sturdy sealed cardboard box with all 10 bars, slightly crushed. (Have pictures avail on request). By far the best tasting, healthiest (no chemicals or additives) chocolate. Wish I knew about this brand years ago. I used to buy mostly Lindt + few other brands online. Now only Green & Black’s chocolate. Thank you.

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  43. C. Baker

    70%. Creamy. Organic. Perfect Balance of Flavors. A Little Is Satisfying.

    4 days en route during very warm weather, but despite ice packs having melted 3.5 days earlier, the chocolate and its shelf box is immaculate. Some 70% chocolate isn’t this creamy. Another 70% brand I’ve tried has a fish oil aftertaste.Because it’s so good, I can eat 1/3 or 1/2 of the recommended serving size and feel satisfied.G&B is not vegan, but it doesn’t misleadingly pretend to be as other brands that say “vegan friendly” which means absolutely nothing. I’ll buy this again.

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  44. Gary’s Aloha

    Guilt-Free Fabulous Dark Chocolate

    This may be the best dark chocolate in the universe. The 10 pack comes in a foil-lined box, packed with blue ice. It’s warm in Texas now and these gems traveled by ground for two days to get here COLD. Perfect!

  45. HomeschoolingSLP

    Healthy chocolate fix (kind of) that actually tastes good

    I think it helped that my first exposure to 85% dark chocolate was an aldi brand. I figured the taste was supposed to be bad after that, but I really wanted to find an organic, fair trade option so this one popped up as good in my search. Night and day difference in taste and even texture between this and Aldi brand. I was totally surprised. This is smooth and mild tasting with an almost orange or vanilla hint after. It is satisfying in very small amounts and even my kids like it which is just crazy because this does not taste like chocolate…at least not the chocolate they are used to. I can’t describe it in any other way than a pleasant flavor. Serving size is 9 squares. There is no way I could eat that in a day so I don’t feel guilty about eating this chocolate either. I usually have one square after a meal because that’s when I want something sweet the most. It works even though it’s not actually sweet. I’ll be buying again for sure.

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  46. Barbie C.

    Dark and creamy!

    My husband loves this chocolate. He will even eat a piece for breakfast! It is delicious organic dark chocolate!

  47. Amazon Customer

    The perfect dark chocolate

    I’m a long time fan of dark chocolate, and this was by far the best I’ve had. It’s not overly sweet, which I prefer, yet sweet enough that it can actually be enjoyed. This is a chocolate to savor in small bites. Great with quality coffee.

  48. James E. Lytle

    These dark chocolate bars are great.

    The chocolate is very high in cocoa, and low in sugar. And on top of that, the flavor is great.

  49. WLWDaytona

    This is REAL chocolate

    I’ve bought this for the last 12-15 years.If you like DARK chocolate this is one of the best in the Western world.I buy 85% cacao. Smooth and tasty.As you know one small square melting in your mouth is the way good chocolate is eaten.Calories are low. Sugar is low. Taste is HIGH.Made by a expatriate US citizen in England.

  50. NorbG

    a good source of a great product at a reasonable price.

    This is the best chocolate one can buy. It is healthy, and a great source of postasium and othe rminerals and is loaded with antioxidants..

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  51. R. Sinclair

    Soooooo good

    I’m a big fan of dark chocolate and have been looking for an alternative to the 70% bars I was getting. These are very smooth for 70% and have a good, bitter bite. Highly recommend trying them.


    This is the only chocolate worth eating.

    I have always purchased this product but now these smaller bars are the bombs.

  53. steven h. zerbach

    The particular vendor was far too expensive.

    G and B’s 85% cacao chocolate is the best on the market, and as far as I know, it is least expensive at Walmart. Because it was out of stock, in my desperation, needing my choco-fix, I bought from a most expensive vendor. Get G and B’s at Walmart.

  54. John Hall

    Arrived in good condition Fast Shipping

    Very Healthy,

  55. User A

    Very fresh and very good

    Very fresh and very good

  56. Emily

    Favorite part of my day. CI friendly

    I eat about a box of this every month. I’m here venting that it’s sold out, and always think about resorting to growing my own chocolate when it does. The climate would make this easy where I live, but harvesting takes a lot of work. The price you get considering the work it takes to harvest chocolate—and comparing this bar with others—is incredible. It’s healthy, and there’s a relatively good portion to price ratio. If the workers are reading this, thank you! You help make the favorite part of my day, everyday. I’m lost and a little grumpy without you.Is this chocolate for you? Read this first:Chocolate is a bitter bean. Beans are hard, not soft and smooth. These beans are not composed of milk and sugar, as many “chocolate” companies would have you believe. It has a good amount of fiber, protein, iron, healthy fat, and all sorts of things that are good for you. It’s great for healthy weigh gain, or as a lovely, healthy treat in small pieces. I also happen to find it dreamily delicious, and it’s one of the only chocolates I feel better after eating (lots of chronic illnesses here). To repeat, chocolate is not a sweet treat you want to sit down and eat, nor something most people can tolerate in very large doses. It’s something you put in your sour yogurt to somehow make it seem sweeter (sour + bitter = sweet?), brew hot chocolate with, or otherwise slowly savor small pieces while giving thanks. It is not something everyone will like, nor something that you’ll be able to easily want or tolerate in large doses by itself, and that’s okay.

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  57. KatieR

    So good!

    This is truly my favorite dark chocolate. It’s super smooth and rich.

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  58. Amazon Customer

    Best choc on the market

    Best choc on the market

  59. Teri

    Dark chocolate lovers

    Excellent dark chocolate. Gifted this to our daughter and very much appreciated for such a nice treat

  60. G. Oosterhoudt

    Some of the best

    Great flavor, free trade, no weird chemicals

  61. ImOnTheHitList

    Great Organic Chocolate Bars.

    These are delicious dark chocolate bars. The vendor exceeded my expectations for the delivery! These were well packed and had ice bags to keep them cool. Excellent! Thank you. 🙂

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  62. Kim

    Awesome Packaging

    Taste wonderful if you are used to real dark chocolate. USPS threw the package over my fence on a hot summer day here in Alabama. Thankfully it was shipped with two large ice packs inside the box. Will order again when I run out.

  63. K. Wilson

    The best 85% Chocolate available!

    I’ve tried many different brands of 85% dark chocolate and end up coming back to Green&Black. I wait until the price drops and buy several boxes. I eat about 30g a day for health benefits.

  64. Fehsinger

    Great Chocolate

    Chocolate arrived timely and well packaged to protect it from heat damage during shipping. This is my 3rd purchase of these bars from this seller. Each and every time I was very pleased with the product and the seller. If you like rich dark chocolate I doubt you can find any better than Green & Black’s.

  65. Kathy M

    Excellent product packed in ice packs for safe delivery!

    I normally purchase Green and Black Brand as it is ethically sourced and always fresh. I justify the cost for these qualities. The 70% is much less bitter than the 84%. I don’t note much aftertaste which I find is normal in the higher percent cocoa. I recommend this brand AND this seller. I was impressed that the chocolate bars box was packed in ice packs, wrapped in leak proof seals and in a hard shell box. Perfect!

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  66. Carl G

    Great chocolate at a competitive price

    Green & Black is my favorite moderate priced chocolate so this review is a no-brainer for me. But perhaps this review will help. I prefer the 85% dark chocolate–it’s smooth, has a bit of dark chocolate bitterness but isn’t unpleasantly bitter. It is very rich with just a hint of sweetness.While there is added sugar the level of sugar in a single serving (10 pieces) is just 4 grams. the pieces are small (30 per bar) so it’s easy to moderate/control intake if so inclined (which I am, at least I claim to be)The price here is about the standard per bar when purchased at a market although recent price increases have changed that so it may be a bit better. I find the availability in stores is inconsistent so I have gone to online purchase. Mine has been well within “best by” guidelines so I am not purchasing stale chocolate.Every chocoholic knows the tasted and texture is highly personal so keep that in mind. 85% is a bit strong for most people. G&B makes 70%, a milk chocolate bar (35% I think), and some other bars with “stuff” in them (I don’t like “stuff”-nuts, toffee, etc. in my chocolate) and those bars may fit your preferences. My wife loves their milk chocolate and, frankly, it is my favorite milk chocolate as well. But then, it’s not dark so…

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  67. STEVE

    Beware ordering from a Amazon search of site

    This review is more about Amazon than Green and blacks chocolate bar. The chocolate was very good and the shipping was very quick HOWEVER I had typed into Amazon’s search engine specifying SUGARLESS chocolate and I should have known better than to trust Amazon to actually return a selection of SUGARLESS chocolates instead of every chocolate known to man. Amazon does this on every search of their site never taking into account of any parameters of the search such as SUGARLESS. I just must always remember to never trust Amazon to try to narrow the search to what I actually am looking for. I know countless others have asked the same thing of Amazon but wouldn’t it be nice if they would actually try to improve their search engine. One can only hope.

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  68. Katya

    Best dark chocolate

    Love this brand. If you like real dark chocolate, that’s the best. For my taste, of cause 🙂

  69. Yu

    Valentines gift

    My boyfriend sent me as a valentines gift

  70. Lys

    Super Fresh

    I love these. Great variety. Good quality and value. Thank you!

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