Funtasty Sugar Free Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 100% Cacao

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Item Form: Bar
Chocolate Type: Dark
Flavor: 100% Cacao
Unit Count: 6.00 Count
Flavor Name: 100% Cacao
Size: 1 Count (Pack of 6)
Diet Type: USDA Organic| Vegan
Ingredients: Organic Cacao Mass, Organic Cacao Liquor


About Funtasty Sugar Free Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 100% Cacao

  • Funtasty Sugar-Free Organic 100% Cacao Chocolate Bar; pack of 6 (1.76 ounces each); vegan, gluten-free and keto-friendly
  • Please yourself with the incredible flavor of the true Fino de Aroma cacao, which stands out from others of its kind for its special touches of flowers, fruits, nuts, and caramel
  • Ideal for those who enjoy the true and purest flavor of the Fino de Aroma cacao; it has no added sugar or fat, which allows you to enjoy its essence from the beginning to the end
  • It has a bitter and acidic flavor balanced with aromatic floral and fruit notes that leave a good taste on the palate
  • Made with Ecuadorian cacao by small farmers that preserve biodiversity and replicate the characteristics of an untouched forest

7 reviews for Funtasty Sugar Free Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 100% Cacao

  1. ABC

    If you like your chocolate sweet, then this is definitely not for you. The chocolate is 100% cacao and as such has essentially zero sugar content. It is a super healthy, nutrient dense chocolate full of antioxidants and flavonoids. They are not so much a “treat” as a health food to me and should be eaten sparingly. The bars are good for about two to three servings and ideal to have with your morning coffee. The chocolate has very little taste and as such is not bitter as some other brands. So if you want the health benefits of dark chocolate without the bitterness, then this is ideal. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Winnie xian

    It is a little bit sour at the beginning, and come out very very bitter, after the bitter come out very pure coca taste. I don’t know it is good or not but I heard about that can make me eat less, so just try but I think next time should try 95%…..too bitter

  3. habib khayat

    You know to eat alone 100% dark chocolate itā€™s not easy without sugarBut this one test better .Amazing packaging to prevent the heat.

  4. Amazon Customer


  5. Alysi Alonso

    Very well packaged very goo I loved the only thing is that the table is small. Other than that it is great

  6. Mary

    Es puro cacao orgĆ”nico y sin azĆŗcar, para mi es una buena medicina

  7. imani42

    These chocolate bars are not for everyone, but if you like pure unsweetened chocolate these bars are great.

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