Else Nutrition Toddler Balanced Nutrition Drink

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Flavor: Original
Weight: 22 Ounces
Item Form: Powder
Package Weight: 0.72 Kilograms



  • CERTIFIED GOODNESS: Else Nutrition Toddler Omega is certified with the following certifications – Clean Label Purity Award, Plant-Based, Beyond Soy, and Low Fodmap.
  • A REAL ALTERNATIVE TO COW’S MILK WITH CLEAN NUTRITION: This is a real choice besides dairy. Made with >80% minimally processed, whole food ingredients: buckwheat, almond, and tapioca. Produced with the cleanest process we can use with no alteration to the ingredient’s chemical structure for more natural digestion.
  • WITH ESSENTIAL OMEGA 3 & 6, Else Toddler Omega is a complete and balanced nutritional drink designed to support your little one’s growth and development, as well as promote natural digestion, through the combination of healthy unsaturated fats, fibers, and protein.
  • NUTRITIONALLY BALANCED: Else Nutrition Toddler Omega contains plant protein originating from almonds and buckwheat supplemented with additional free amino acids and a diverse fat profile derived from almond butter, coconut oil, and rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. It is fortified with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth & development.
  • TRY ELSE RISK-FREE TODAY: Else’s mission is to reimagine kids’ nutrition, with plant-based complete nutrition products who taste good yet with ~50% less sugar than other leading brands. Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! (Satisfaction guarantees may be rejected by Amazon)

29 reviews for Else Nutrition Toddler Balanced Nutrition Drink

  1. Kelsey


    My holistic pediatrician loves this and so do we. My son still likes a bottle for naps and when I was done breast feeding we didn’t want any dairy do to him having issues and my allergy to milk. Also wanted something more sustainable than regular milk. This has been perfect. He loves the taste. I recommend mixing a little with what you are currently feeding to give them a chance to adjust.

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  2. Staci


    This stuff is the absolute best! We have been using Else powders for a while now and our kids love them. You cannot find a better complete nutrition, now with added omegas! 🦾👶

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  3. Ang

    Great formula

    Love that the omega got added to their new formula 😊

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  4. Christiana & Shiloh

    Toddler OBSESSED

    My kid won’t hardly stop to breathe when drinking this stuff . Unmatched

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  5. Jennifer

    Toddler approved

    I have been using this since before my son was a year old. I love the ingredients and he likes the taste it’s a win win.

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  6. JN

    Good nutrition

    My son was coming from Nutramigen so it was an adjustment. But he is ok with it now good nutrition. Good taste.

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  7. Mackie Enterprises, Inc.

    Essential Omega 3 & 6 for optimal health

    Our toddler loves the plant based nutritional drink. Omega 3 and 6 are essential fatty acids that enhance a toddlers brain development. As a parent wanting the best for our child we couldn’t be happier…

  8. DP

    Good ingredients, but flavor too strong for my granddaughter.

    Formula has been difficult to obtain with any regularity, so I have been searching for organic &/or plant based formula for my gdaughter while there is still some of her old formula left to mix with the new as we transition.I added 1 scoop of this to the old formula. She took a drink or two & then refused the rest of the bottle.I tried a different Organic formula which she loves. Guess I can use this can to fortify smoothies or soup!!

  9. Alexis Ridgeway


    My 14 month old loves this! She has a very sensitive tummy but we have had no issues with Else.

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  10. Aml

    She loves this stuff!!!!

    This kid goes ballistic in the AM for her “milk”. I cannot make it fast enough. It’s great as we navigate a dairy free diet to see if it helps her eczema (sigh).I love that she’s getting so many nutrients from it! I wish it wasn’t so pricey.

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  11. BriML

    My baby loves this stuff

    This is a wonderful formula! My little girl has a sensitivity to lactose, and did not care for the name brand hypoallergenic formulas. She loves this formula and we no longer have digestive issues.

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  12. Cornelius Morris

    Actually got my package this order!!

    I was so excited that FedEx was delivering my order today. I knew I would receive it no matter what! Gotta love fedex! She loves the formula!

  13. Jessica Maurer

    Love this product

    We love this product for our toddler who has a dairy and peanut allergy. She also needed something for extra calories and this has been great!

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  14. Oslan

    Great flavor for picky eaters

    I’ve been wanting to review this product for a while now. So when I just got it, I just mixed it and gave it to my son (he’s one year old), he did NOT like it…I was very discouraged at this point and thought I wasted my money, wondering what plant based toddler formula to give him since I really wanted him off soy. I went to the reviews and saw where someone mixed this else formula with the previous formula. I went back to the drawing board nervously this time and two scoop else with two scoop previous formula and WALLA! He drank it all down and ever sinceFor the issue with the mixing out of the formula, I shake one scoop at a time and it mixes out well. Rather than putting all scoops in and trying to mix at that point. Also I ensure it is warm enough.It’s a great buy… I’ll be constantly buying😊😊

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  15. skizimus

    Clean label, smells and tastes great. They love it.

    Safe, Nutritious, Delicious.

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  16. Ryan Schmitt

    FINALLLLYYYYYYYY mommas!!!!!!!

    Happy PICKY baby. When I’m out of this powdered heaven, and have to resort to dairy formula, he gets the runs. With this… I know he’s eating And drinking quality ingredients that will not make him have diarrhea or stomach pain because the proteins in DAIRY are technically and factually hard to digest. With this formula his poos are more clumped together and hard because it’s WAY better substance.

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  17. Cole

    Best Formula for BF Babies

    This is the only formula my 1 year old would transition to from breastfeeding! We tried so many soy formulas and he hated them all.He loves this! I was shocked with how he took it so easily! I also tasted it and it’s the closest tasting to breastmilk and not stinky like some non-dairy formulas. The iron amount is optimal for nutrition and not over done like most formulas, so he doesn’t get constipation (which I love).

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  18. Amazon Customer

    Best formula!

    My 1 year old LOVES this formula!

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  19. MVB

    No spoon

    Didn’t come with measure spoon it usually comes with. What freaking joke! How am I suppose to give it to my kids!!!!!!!

  20. Olive

    Love it!

    My daughter doesn’t eat solids as a2 year old and this formula is tasty for her. It also keeps her weight up and helps her immune system with all the nutrients inside

  21. Dee_Bow2003

    Great for GF and DF kiddos

    Super great product. My kids dring this and I even use it as a meal replacement when they are teething or having a day where they just don’t eat as much. Use this on my 2 year old and my 4 year old (she doesn’t like the flavored ones), they both have no problem drinking it. Highly recommend!

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  22. Laura Berg

    FPIES toddler loves it!

    Else has been a life-saver for my daughter. She has FPIES (food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome) and has many allergies, preventing her from being able to tolerate any other formula, even the amino-acid based ones. We started her on it at 12 months and she’s 18 months now and thriving. She has gained more weight and I feel good knowing that it’s complete nutrition (for those days that she barely wants solids).Thank you, Else!

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  23. Shannon Sperber

    my toddler wouldn’t drink it and spit it out

    When I opened the can I thought it smelled like vanilla, its kind of a tan, pink color, I thought he would love it but he spit it out and refused to drink it, I was trying to find a substitute till his other toddler formula is back on the shelves in America, but he hated it, I gave it to my son who is 24 and using it in his protein shakes HAHA

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  24. Amazon Customer


    My kid loves it. Tastes good and is also a healthy option.

  25. Jeff N

    most analogous to breast milk

    It’s not for infants, but my 8 month old nephew loves it, and his mama loves knowing that he is eating it

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  26. Courtney D

    In love with this stuff!!

    Smell amazing and my 13 months baby inhales it down! He was previously on Enfamil’s Prosobee and I wanted to switch him off of soy! He loves it and I can’t go wrong with $29! Will be buying this by the case!! This stuff is amazing!!

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  27. Amazon Customer

    My toddler is not a baby cow

    Great product for those of us not raising baby cows. I do a bottle a day for my toddler to ensure complete nutrition, and love the extra of Omega’s to ensure she’s getting everything she needs. Thank you for this amazing product.

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  28. Emily


    Expensive, yes. But once we started feeding it to our toddler, he began to gain weight and develop quickly. Will keep purchasing.

  29. M.L.

    So far so good

    Our baby did not have any stomach problems with this one.

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