Annie’s Organic Bunny Snack Pack

(59 customer reviews)

Brand: Annie’s
Flavor: Multi
Weight: 36 Ounces
Specialty: Organic
Allergen Information: Milk, Soy, Wheat



  • BUNNY SNACKS VARIETY PACK: Two snackable, delicious, and bunny-shaped options: Cheddar Bunnies and Friends Bunny Grahams
  • WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: No artificial flavors or synthetic colors — made with goodness in mind
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Certified organic ingredients
  • QUICK & EASY SNACK: Take these snacks to soccer games, field trips, and more
  • CONTAINS: 36 ct

59 reviews for Annie’s Organic Bunny Snack Pack

  1. Kim. S

    The price and flavour

    I purchased these for Halloween this year I wanted something different and why not some cheddar bunnies and grammar cookies for the little one ,a much more healthier than sweet treat

  2. Hojjat

    Big value

    Good for Easter party or school event

  3. nightcook1

    Good snack product

    My husband loves these portioned snack bags. A plus is they are organic and contain more amounts than other name brands. His only complaint is the amount of sodium in the cheese crackers since is on salt restriction. Overall a bargain for the price.

  4. das

    Great for Halloween!

    Individual packages. Healthy Halloween giveaway!

  5. Marc Avon Evans

    Great snacks for our little guy and great value

    This is a regular purchase for us. Value, healthier snack, and fresh every time.

  6. Fernarock

    Love Annie’s!!

    Great buy! I know I’m getting quality ingredients with this brand.

  7. Celeste E.

    Great snacks for the family!

    We all love these snacks! Perfect for on the go or just a quick snack for the kids to grab by themselves! Delicious!!! Our whole family loves these!

  8. Cody Z

    A huge hit

    My toddler is extremely picky, and does not eat much. The Annie’s packs are the perfect snack size. He thinks the graham cracker bunnies are cookies and loves to pretend they hope around. The cheddar bunnies are a hit as well. The quality was good, the freshness was there, the price was reasonable. Some wholesale stores may sell it cheaper, but compared to store brand such as Target its worth the buy from Amazon.

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  9. Marie

    Fun for big kids too!

    I got these to try them out. Oh goodness they were good! The cheese bunny snacks were just the right amount of cheesy. The cookie bunny snacks were fun, and the chocolate chip ones were my favorite.

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  10. Mario Villa

    Healthy and good flavor

    I like the flavor

  11. Ashley

    Delicious snacks

    My adult kids and my 2 year old grandson love them and asked me to order them again.

  12. Marie S. Shampang

    Amazing for the Price!

    My toddler loves these! We will be buying them again!

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  13. Megan Fritsch

    Great toddler snack

    Always a good toddler snack for on the go

  14. Tiz

    Delicious and quality made

    The best thing about these snacks other than being organic and DELICIOUS is that the ingredients are all balanced very well, the cheese bunnies are tasty and cheesy but not greasy or too salty. The sweet ones are great but don’t taste just like straight up sugar. Great snack for kids when you want to give them a little treat.

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  15. Jinu

    Kids like it

    It’s health snack for the kids during the lunch

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  16. Kegan

    Wonderful for Classroom Snack

    Purchased these as a donation for my daughter’s 2nd grade classroom. Kids love fruit gummies, and these were a big hit. I’m happy this brand is available in bulk form so I can continue to support the classroom.

  17. Ashley Johnson

    My kid loves these

    Must buy

  18. amazonlover

    School snacks

    Have bought 2 boxes and both have an expiration a year out unlike other snacks sold on amazon. Highly recommend I will be coming back for more monthly

  19. patsyb

    Flavorful, fresh snacks

    Both kids & adults enjoy these flavorful snacks! Just the right amount for snacking; in lunches & after school.

  20. Kara Shalom

    Love the healthy snack availability

    Bought this for my nephews…they were excited and enjoyed the snacks for a movie night and for school lunches…Amazon made shipping them a treat fast and easy!

  21. Shantal

    Healthy and yummy 😋

    I like this mix. Sweet and savory. Good snacks healthy. Daught lives them. Great for school. Well packaged none smashed. Very happy with this purchase.

  22. Pat Solum

    Tasty Bunnies!

    I gave these treats for Easter and the kids all liked them. It was nice to have the combination of cheddar bunnies and cookie bunnies. I also liked grabbing one for a snack!

  23. samantha hall


    Kids love them nice healthier snacks then most! This is the only brand I buy now for my kids.

  24. E. Durham

    Annie does it again!

    Annie’s Homegrown Homegrown Bunny Snacks 36 Pouches 1 Oz Favorites Pack Net Wt 36 Oz. Annie’s Graham and Cheddar Bunnies tastes great and are a healthy snack alternative! I highly recommend this product1

  25. Aimee

    Great for on the go

    I did get one bag that was partially opened. I didn’t go through all of them, just grabbed 4, and the one that was opened was super stale. I’ll have to go back and check to see if any more are opened 🙁

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  26. Limegreentoez

    Mixed reviews here

    Both kids like the bunny grahams. Older kid says the cheddar bunnies taste like gross knockoff cheez-its, but hey, more for me! I always keep these on hand because the snack packs are best for us to grab and go. I like the cheddar bunnies.

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  27. Kayla Marie

    super convenient!

    love being able to order snacks at such a good cost on amazon. they ship right to my house making it easy and convenient!

  28. Amazon Customer


    These are excellent snacks for my 2 year old grandson. He doesn’t eat junk.

  29. Amanda


    My kids love these things, thought this was a better deal than they had at the grocery!

  30. Stacie

    Easy addition to lunches

    I get these on subscribe and save to always have something a little substantial to throw in my lunches. Taste is great and the portion size in a bag is perfect.

  31. Constance Louise

    Great snack!

    I love this product and have purchased it before. It’s great to have a variety of portioned snacks. I really love the graham crackers! I will buy it again!

  32. Amazon Customer

    Great Value

    Ordered these for my toddler, which was less than half the price of what we would’ve paid in store! After reading reviews saying the “best by” dates were all different and/or receiving fewer bags than advertised or opened bags, I was skeptical to order but did anyway and I’m so glad I did! All the “best by” dates matched what was on the box and we received 18 of each like advertised, not a single one open! Tasty treats for my little girl – she loves them, will definitely continue ordering more!

  33. Carrie c

    Great snack!!!

    My kids love these bunny cookies and crackers! It’s one of their most favorite after school snack!

  34. H. J. Smart

    Great snack pack

    Tasty snack pack, good fllavors, not too much sugar.

  35. Raquel Mulraney

    the flavor

    my kids love them

  36. Angela


    Kids loved them.

  37. Beth


    The little bags have quite a few snack in each bag. Bunny crackers are better tasting than goldfish. Cookies are just right in flavor.Great value at the time I purchased. Very Fresh.

  38. Cindy

    Great snack

    Annie’s Graham & cheddar bunnies are a go to snack made w organic ingredients.

  39. Let

    Alternative to an Easter basket

    Got these, along with some bunny gummies, for my teen nephew. He reports that they are tasty and crunchy, and he likes them better than the fish shaped crackers he usually has. Also, the pouches came in handy on a road trip he and his family took not long after he got these.

  40. Kathleen Goss

    Tasty, healthier then traditional snacks

    These are a great alternative to traditional snack packs, with better, more natural ingredients.They are really tasty too!I wish they came in paper packages instead of plastic… but maybe someday they’ll get there!

  41. naomi frances

    Everything favorite of my kids

    Got it on time and very good for snacks

  42. cheryl creatore

    Great product

    My granddaughter loves the bunnies

  43. Professional Mother

    A big hit!

    These crackers are a big hit in our house. The combination of crackers and cookies make offering a treat or taking along snacks in the diaper bag easy. The kids love these.

  44. DLk

    Great product

    Annie’s is a healthy alternative for snacking, I never feel guilty for chowing down on Annie’s snacks. They taste amazing in fact I choose their brand over other gold fish, cookie snacks. I don’t feel swollen after eating them. Other snacks often have tons of sugars and preservatives with artificial dyes and flavors that can leave you feeling awful.

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  45. Damaris


    Sososososooooooo good! We have recently changed the way our kids and us eat and we thought why not replace goldfish and cookies with these and they are a hit! I love them as much as my kids love them lol and I’m not a cookie or cracker person. They are flavorful and have a nice variety inside the packs. I recommend these 100%. Every one of my kids loved them and they are 8,6,4, & 1 yrs old.

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  46. Amanda Hueber

    Perfect for toddlers!

    My toddler loves these! One less thing full of extra crap clogging up her gut. I love that it’s a quick somewhat health conscious snack that I can give to her when we’re constantly on the go.

  47. Tami Lewis

    They love it

    I like the individual packs so the kids don’t fight and they like them for the taste. Great deal!

  48. charlee

    Great snack for anytime

    My son loves these!! He likes the cookie one best.

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  49. Ariel


    I bought these because I wanted snacks that were around 100 calories and organic. I had never tried them before but jeez! They are so delicious. I have always eaten Goldfish but the cheddar bunnies taste like actual cheese and are wayyy better. And the bunny grahams melt in your mouth and are the perfect amount of sweet.

  50. Chelsea Gray

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    This is a snack I feel good about giving my kids! It’s from a well-established brand that I trust to be safe. My girls love eating their cheese bunnies and graham bunnies! They’re even something my husband loves to snack on. It’s a great value for a family favorite product.

  51. Trish


    Perfect amount to last my son a while

  52. Crystelle


    My kids and I love these snacks!

  53. Jessica

    Definitely yummy!!

    The packaging is so adorable first and foremost. They are great for lunch boxes for the kids for school or just a nice little snack when needed also the easy to access the box is really convenient to for the littler ones who like to go in and get their own snack I definitely would recommend knee snacks to anyone I love the Annie’s brand their stuff is so good will buy again

  54. Britt

    Favorite snack

    Great condition! Kids love it

  55. Ctraum

    Great buy!

    Great value for the purchase. Terrific snack size to take in lunches and tastes great!

  56. Mhoffman

    Reorder monthly grandsons love this snack!!!

    Reorder monthly grandsons love this snack!!!

  57. Zack Myers

    Great for packed lunches

    My kids love these. The variety is decent for the package size. Great for school lunches

  58. Diane

    individual packs for on the go

    good for on the ana like the sweet and savory choices. my toddler love them

  59. Jenn84olives

    Each packet is filled!

    These are are great value, because each packet it filled well.

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