ALOHA Organic Plant Based Protein Bars

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Flavor: Chocolate Mint
Diet Type: Vegan
Number of Items: 1
Unit Count: 12.00 Count
Brand: ALOHA

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  • Box contains 12 – 1.98 ounce Organic Plant Based Protein Bars
  • 14 grams of USDA organic plant-based protein, 10g of Fiber, only 5g of Sugar, Nothing Artificial
  • Seriously great tasting, Vegan, Non-GMO, gluten-free snacks, Kosher, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Stevia-Free, High Fiber, and Paleo Friendly
  • Made for a healthy lifestyle with 100% real whole food ingredients; organic brown rice protein, organic cashew butter, and nothing artificial
  • A delicious option for vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, and paleo-friendly diets. Makes a perfect snack, meal replacement, and breakfast on the go or helps to fuel or refuel pre/post workouts or exercise. BEST BY DATE can be found on the LEFT side of the pack under the Green USDA Organic Certification.

10 reviews for ALOHA Organic Plant Based Protein Bars

  1. FRED B.

    I was pleased with the flavor. Just don’t pay more than 15 dollars.

  2. Kindle Customer

    I enjoyed the cookie dough and brownie flavors the best. The bars are a little chalky, like most protein bars. Inexpensive and convenient for a quick snack. It’s not amazing, but it’s satisfying enough.

  3. Amber In Nola

    Like the Aloha powder, I first thought these bars tasted like cardboard. But now I can’t stop buying them. A bit bland, but they are not offensive like some other brands I’ve had, full of artificial flavors & sugars. My only complaint is the chocolate coating, which tends to break apart & make a mess if i’m not careful. If I don’t keep the bar halfway in the wrapper, my clothes will be covered in chocolate spots.

  4. Cinnamonchill

    This is really a tasty high protein bar! Only issue with it is the edges crumble and fall off. Being chocolate, that is messy if you don’t catch it.Still high in carbs (16 net) & 14 protein.

  5. Bria Daniels

    I have to admit, at the first bite I was disappointed. I bought these because the beanie butter chocolate chip Lara bars are my favorite but expensive, so I thought I’d give these a try. I’m sure it seems like common sense, but these are not like Lara bars, not even in the slightest. With the first bite you can definitely tell it’s a protein bar.. it has that certain texture and taste, but I suppose there’s no getting around that. That being said, the more I ate of it, the more impressed I became. I like the chewy texture, and it somehow winds up feeling more hearty of a snack without feeling heavy. Not overly sweet, but sweet enough it feels a little like a treat. I’ve begun a weight loss journey and wanted something I could toss in my bag if I needed a little help during the day, and this is exactly that. Though I was skeptical in the beginning, I’m looking forward to trying other flavors now.

  6. Dwolf

    We LOVE these bars! They are yummy, nutritious, and filling! Love the ingredients/nutritional content! The only “down-side” is the cost…if you end up buying them full-price…yikes, you’ll be spending a pretty penny. But if you get them on sale, I would say definitely worth it! When they go on sale, you’ll be sure we’re stocking up!!

  7. Cheri

    These are great for snacks or for taking on hikes and trips! The chocolate Aloha bars seem to melt easily though from the heat in your hands. So it is a good idea to just peel the package back and hold on to the protein bar with your hand around the package. Peel the package back as you eat. Especially for the kiddos👍

  8. Cynthia A. Marion

    I have been looking for a good protein bar that did not have a long list of ingredients that I could not pronounce and did not taste gritty or grainy. I finally found the perfect protein bar in Aloha. I have tried several flavors, and I have liked all of them, but this chocolate brownie is really like eating a brownie. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my next favorite flavor. I do not feel like I’m eating a protein bar. I love all the natural ingredients and knowing I’m putting healthy food in my body. Highly recommend.

  9. Charles Carrithers JR

    These organic protein bars taste very good with low sugar and a decent amount of protein.

  10. Jae86

    These bars taste great and I like the texture. I’ve tried a lot of vegan/plant based bars and these are my favorite so far and for the cost per gram of protein they are a great value.

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