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What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon, as one of the world’s first traded spices, holds a strong position in the spice world. Cinnamon is classified into two types: Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka has a strong reputation in the global market due to its distinct chemical properties when compared to other varieties. Cinnamon is available to consumers in a variety of forms, including oils, powder, chips, quilling, cut form, and bail form. Aside from cooking, cinnamon products are used in a variety of activities such as medicine, soft drink production, perfume production, and so on.

Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon contains over 80 chemical components, including Cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamic acid, and Cinnamate. In addition to providing a pleasant flavor, Ceylon Cinnamon has numerous health benefits, including lowering the risk of developing diseases, disorders, and even cancer. Let’s see the major benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon in summary form as no one wants to read lengthy descriptions.

(1)-Reduce the Risk of Cancer Through Antitumor & Anti-Angiogenesis Activities

The polyphenols in Ceylon Cinnamon, which are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, acted as a strong activator of detoxifying enzymes in the body, destroying existing cancer cells and protecting against future cancer cell growth.

(2)-Lower the Risk of Heart Diseases

Cinnamon consumption on a daily basis can lower the risk of heart disease due to its numerous properties, which include anti-inflammatory properties, lowering LDL cholesterol and triglycerides with negative effects, stabilizing HDL cholesterols, and lowering high blood pressure.

(3)-Reduce the Blood Suger Level

By boosting insulin sensitivity Ceylon Cinnamon helps to lower blood sugar levels.
Interfering with numerous carbohydrate digestive enzymes reduces the amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream.
In Ceylon, a compound known as hydroxy chalcone Cinnamon mimics insulin’s function to improve glucose absorption from body cells.
Cinnamon is thought to lower blood sugar levels by 24% and cholesterol levels by 18%, thereby aiding in the prevention of diseases such as diabetes.

(4)-Help With Weight Loss

Cinnamaldehyde, a component of cinnamon, activates Thermogenesis, a process in which the body generates heat, resulting in the burning of calories. The compound increases insulin sensitivity while decreasing blood sugar, which aids in weight loss, making cinnamon an excellent weight loss supplement.

Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits on Skin

Ceylon Cinnamon, a source of the powerful antioxidant manganese, aids brain functioning and improves overall brain health. Let’s see what they are;

(1)-Aids for Proper Brain Functioning

  • Delaying or reversing cognitive impairment
  • Boosting memory and concentration

(2)-Prevent Alzheimer & Parkinson’s Diseases

Cinnamon consumption is thought to be one of the safest ways to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Cinnamon metabolizes into Sodium benzoate, which enters the brain and normalizes neurotransmitter levels, improves motor functions, and protects cells while preventing protein loss such as Parkin and DJ-1. Cinnamon also aids in the control of Alzheimer’s disease because it contains Cinnamaldehyde and Epicatechin, both of which have the ability to prevent the accumulation of Tau protein.

Cinnamon Uses as a Home Remedy

Cinnamon tea or cinnamon mixed with black and green tea can be an effective remedy for a cold or sore throat, especially when combined with honey.

The benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon are presented here just to uplift the knowledge of the valuable readers but not to promote Ceylon Cinnamon as it produces in my country. As a country, we cannot cater to the global demand for true Cinnamon. If anyone is interested in Ceylon Cinnamon please read “What is True Cinnamon”.

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