What is Food?

Food is a primary needs for all the human beings as well as all the creatures. It enable our survival and without food there is no survival, at least the time we are living right now as I never know what would happen in the future. Hope it is clear to all. By now most of us do not worry about the survival as it has been taken care of and we never worry about food. However, there are people out there, food is still very precious as they do not have foods. If we take the globe, the global food production is sufficient to cater 03 times of  the human population at the moment. Let’s keep aside that matter and we’ll discuss about food. If you need to know more about food and human machinimas, just read my other article “What is Organic Food”

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Role of Food

If you want to become sensitive to you life or how to become perceptive, then what you put into your body (system)is very important. If you carefully watch your body, what sort of food keep your body happy, you may realize vegetarian or plant based food does it. Not sure right. Keep reading and you may realize it. 

Most of us felt and think vegetarian food is not provide necessary nourishment required for us. Even our parents wanted to provide meat, fish or al least egg for our meal. This misbelief has been there for at least 02 to 03 generations depending on culture and geographical locations we live in. Hence it has carved to our DNA too. This ideology has been planted by Western Educated doctors and they have been telling people if you don’t eat meat or fish you don’t get the required nutrition’s to the body. It happened to me also when I visited my kids doctor and she insisted me to provide meat or fish. So it is still happening all over the globe. 

The elephant is the largest mammal on the planet at the moment and the blue whale is the largest species on the planet. Hope you believe it. There are considered as the largest herbivorous on the planet. Do they eat meat?

The Science Behind Food Digesting Mechanism

Carnivorous Animals

The length of elementary cannel of carnivorous animal is 03 times of its body. So naturally the time taken for digesting process is less. The numbers are approximated to understand the concept as this is not a science lesson. Hope no one would come to argue with me regarding the numbers.

Herbivorous Animals

The length of elementary cannel of herbivories animal is 05-06 times of its body length. If we take human approximately it would be 24 to 30 feet. So naturally digesting process is lengthier than carnivorous animals. Let’s see the outcome of this process.

If we eat raw meet, it would take approximately 70-72 hours to go through our digesting process as our system was not designed to digest meat. If we eat cooked meat it would take 50-52 hours to digest. If we eat cooked vegetable it takes 24-30 hours to degust. If we eat raw vegetables it takes 12-15 hours to digest. If we eat fruits, it takes 1.5 -3 hours to digest. Hope my educated readers understand the science behind it.  Do you ever thought the meat we eat today is there in our body for 02 days trying to digest it?

These are not just the facts but the science behind all the meal we consume. Please do not consider that I’m trying to discriminate anyone of you who eat meat or appreciate vegetarians.

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Beyond Food

If you wish to provide sensation to your body then eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible. If you are used to eat meat, just stop it for 02 weeks and see the difference. In addition to our own sensation and satisfaction just think about the animal we kill for meat.  We do not have right to kill them. They have the same right as we have on the earth. Even we are powerful and strong enough to kill them. Just speck to your heart and recheck how reasonable is it. Just think they too love their lives as we do. They too have family as we do. However, most of us think they belong to us. That’s very sad and wrong. We all have life beyond this life and we all need to pay for our sins one way or another here or there.

Be humble and kind. Don’t harm or kill anyone or anything. All have their own lives and own paths and  respect them. Share what you have and what you know. There is no competition other than created one. Just avoid from rat race and see around you. Life is just beautiful out there and you just stop  and see it.

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