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We are a small group of professionals, manufactures and farmers collaborate together to find new dimension of natural spices grow in Sri Lanka. The experience we collected is unfolding here at Ethical Legend. We invite all of you to experience our spices & herbs and feel the natural taste and enjoy the benefits of our 100% natural products. 

Kandyan Forest Gardens Organic Spices And Herbs for a healthy life.

The Island of Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean towards the southernmost direction of the Indian subcontinent. The pyramid-shaped central landmass of the country touches the sky at about 2000m in height from mean sea level. The main vegetation that existed over the Central Mountain ranges is identified as the world-reputed Kandyan Forest Gardens (KFG). KFG is an analog forest to the Tropical Rain Forest is manmade but naturalized over generations. This floral community niches to varieties of spices such as Pepper, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Vanilla, etc.  This agroforestry system is essentially natural and organic since no agrochemicals are used and no maintenance is done at all. The Spices grown under this system has intrinsic quality. Because, it occurs in different geography as well as, experiences unusual microclimatic changes such as Wind, Mist, Sunlight, Rain, Temperature, Humidity, and Soil Conditions, etc. perpetually. The main reasons to have such an alternatively different natural phenomenon are due to the isolated Island nature of the country that having a pyramid-shaped landmass. Therefore Coffee growing around 1000m elevation with tropical climate carries unique flavors and aromas that are so greater than any others in the world.

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